8 Benefits of Having an Office Water Cooler Dispenser

office water cooler

Have you ever tried to get through a workday without drinking enough water? You hit that afternoon slump, but you can't afford to leave the office to get some water.

If you want you and your team to avoid this, you need a good office water cooler. Then, you can hydrate throughout the day and enjoy your work.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of having a cooler in the office.

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1. Get to Know Others

When you have an office water cooler, employees have an easy excuse to get to know each other. Employees can go to the cooler to get water, and they may go at the same time as someone else.

Then, they'll have a chance to talk to someone they may not know otherwise. This can be an excellent way for new employees to meet their coworkers.

People will start to recognize each other, and they may feel more comfortable talking to people. Then, they may look forward to team projects or even their daily trip to the water cooler.

2. Better Morale

If your employees get to know each other, that can help boost team morale. Whenever you have a project that requires a couple of people, the two employees you assign it to may already know each other.

They will then be able to focus on the project, and they might do a better job than two people who didn't know each other. Having better morale can also make people working individually feel better.

Someone might know they can ask someone for help if they get stuck on a task. Employees may also be more willing to offer help to others who might need it.

3. Encourage Hydration

A water delivery system can also make it easier for employees to hydrate, especially if the cooler is somewhere convenient. Employees will know they can go get more water whenever they feel thirsty.

When employees drink enough water, they can feel better physically, and they may have more energy. Then, they may be able to complete tasks without a ton of downtime.

If you have a water cooler, people can use the cups that you provide. Or you can ask employees to bring their own reusable water bottles, so they can take the bottles back to their desks.

4. Improve Employee Health

As the office manager, you can control the water going into the office water cooler. If you use filtered water, you can make sure there aren't any contaminants in it that might make your employees sick.

Of course, you can't control the water that employees drink outside of work. But you can minimize the chances of your water getting people sick and causing them to call off work.

The healthier your employees are, the more they will be able to work. Then, you can keep from having to delay projects or other tasks because you don't have enough staff.

5. Increase Productivity

When you have a communal water dispenser, you may be able to increase productivity in a few ways. First, you can encourage employees to take short breaks to get more water when they need it.

Similar to that, you can keep employees from taking longer breaks. Without a water cooler, someone may decide to go to a nearby restaurant to get more water, and that can take up a lot of time.

Allowing workers to refill their water bottles in the office can help them stay at work. Then, they may get more work done in less time while getting the energy they need from the water.

6. Save Money

A sustainable water dispensing system may cost a lot upfront. Over time, you may find that the cost is actually lower than paying for packs of disposable water bottles.

Once you install the water cooler, all you need to worry about is getting water. That can be a lot less expensive than the cost of individual water bottles to provide to your staff.

Plus, you can get office water delivery so that you don't have to go somewhere to get the supplies. Then, you can save money on gas and transportation.

Be sure to shop around to find a good deal on a water cooler. Consider your budget and how much you can afford, and you can choose the best cooler for your office.

7. Save the Environment

As long as you get a sustainable water dispensing system, you may be able to lower your carbon footprint. If you have reusable cups or ask employees to bring their own, you can reduce waste.

Alternatively, you can offer paper cups that are easy to recycle. While each cup will result in waste, recyclable materials are a lot better for the environment than styrofoam cups, for example.

Yes, you can recycle plastic water bottles, but they still add up to a lot of waste. Any sort of reusable container will be a better option for your team.

Think about other things you can do around the office to save the environment. An office water cooler is only the beginning.

8. Easy to Maintain

You may also find that an office water cooler is easier to maintain. If you get a cooler that connects to your water system, you won't have to worry about topping off the cooler.

Either way, you won't need to order enough water bottles for your employees. And you won't need to stock the fridge with disposable water bottles so that there are enough cold bottles for people.

Depending on the cooler, you may have some maintenance, such as cleaning. But it can be a lot less work than having to order and organize water bottles.

If you don't want to hire someone to handle the maintenance, go with a water cooler. Then, you or another current employee can handle it without sacrificing your other tasks.

Will You Use an Office Water Cooler?

An office water cooler can offer some obvious and not-so-obvious benefits. From being cost-effective to helping employees stay healthy, give a new cooler a try.

Then, you can watch your productivity increase, and the cooler may pay for itself in no time.

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