Bringing The Right Buyers to the Right Sellers

As a buyer, we all realize the pains of shopping for the best price without the comprise of quality and value. As a seller, we all know too well how much it costs to buy leads, and will anything to avoid low-interest prospects.

Cost Cutz was created to solve both problems.

On the buyer side, our first goal was to provide you data on how much things cost on average. Whether you’re buying a new roof for your home, or looking to hire an answering service for your company, Cost Cutz is here to help.

Our team researches national averages costs and couples it with lots of buying advice to help you make informed purchases. When you’re feeling better advised on your purchasing needs, our free quote solution will connect you with multiple reputable sellers to vet. When you know what to expect for what you invest you’ll be better prepared to get the most value for every dollar you spend.

To make sure we can connect buyers with sellers Cost Cutz has partnered with some of the nation's most trusted brands, like Home Advisor, BuyerZone, and many others.

On the sellers' side, you will discover that informed buyers are serious sales leads. We only connect sellers with buyers that have expressed real intent to purchase (usually within 15 days). Our site visitors are generally at the end of the sales funnel and are now researching pricing for upcoming purchases.

We often phone verify quote requests before forwarding the information to our suppliers. This makes for a scalable program that is flexible and delivers an awesome ROI and marketing costs as low as 5%.