How Much Do Office Copiers Cost?

The cost of an office copier depends on what exactly you are looking for, but generally, they can range from anywhere between $499 to $55,000. Here's how to determine your cost.

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Worldwide paper consumption has risen by 400% in the last 40 years. The world may be going digital, but paper use is still alive and well. This is why businesses need great copiers to get their jobs done adequately throughout the day.

How much do these office copiers cost?

Finding an Office Copier

If you're wondering about an office copier cost, you are not alone. Although the world has become more paperless over time, businesses still use paper on an everyday basis. In a majority of offices, you will find a copier, and this is not going away for a while.

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Finding the right one for the office is not as easy as you'd think. There is a lot to consider before buying the right copier for your business. There are a lot of options out there, including cost-effective office copiers.

Compare Prices for Business NeedsThe variety of copiers can make the task confusing. It is also important to avoid under or overpaying for a copier.

Copiers can be hard to work with if you get a complicated one. If you want to invest you can count on when you buy a copier.

Choosing a copier that helps your business can be difficult if you don't know what you are looking for. Think through the purchase before buying and analyze these items before making the call:


You need to consider how much you print every day and how fast you need things to print. These things are important features to think about when deciding on a copier.

The speed and volume at which you need your copier to work will depend on the size of the business and how many employees there are. If you are reliant on making copies each day, you probably need something that can work quickly.

You should also consider buying more than one copier for the office. Ask yourself if it makes sense for every employee to be using one device. If your company is small enough, one device usually works fine.


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The size makes a difference because you need something that will fit casually in your office. Consider how much space you need for the copier and where you plan on keeping it.

A smaller copier has limited functions, but if you don't have space, this could be the best option for you. You may even need to consider getting several small copiers that all have different functions. If a lot of employees need the copier, it will be easier for the device to get backed up and begin to run slow.


Digital copiers usually have software compatibility that can work with computers and sometimes even smartphones. There is a limit to how many computers can connect to a copier.

Keep this in mind when factoring in how many employees will be using the copier. If many employees use it within one day, you will need higher connectivity.


Do you only need the copier or do you also need a multi-functioning printer? A multi-functioning copier can allow many employees to use it for different functions.

These copiers are of higher quality but will be able to scan, scan to cloud, scan to email, fax, edit images, connect with business email, print on both sides, collate pages, produce branded watermarks, stape pages, translate languages, and more. If you don't need all of this, you can always keep it simple with just a stand-alone copier.


Digital copiers can retain document information on an internal drive which can be important for company documents. You can save money by getting less memory, but this will cost you speed. You will have a slower output because of the amount of memory is less.

A copier may not be able to finish a large job in one sitting. If you have large files, you should get a copier with large memory.

How Much Does A Commerical Copier Cost?

So, how much do new office copiers cost? It depends on what exactly you are looking for, but generally, they can range from anywhere between $399 to $55,000.

The lowest cost per-page office copiers are going to be the cheaper ones. These copiers are less than $2,100 and are small enough to work best for the home office. They run at a speed of 20ppm or less and can do less than 5,000 copies per month.

A copier that runs at a speed of 21-35 ppm can be anywhere from $2,200 to $17,000. These are typically used for small offices that make less than 10,000 copies per month.

The copiers that cost anywhere between $20,000 and $45,000 are used in mid-sized offices that make less than 20,000 copies per month. These copiers can run at speeds between 36 and 50 ppm.

If you need a copier for a large office or copy center, you will have to pay around $35,000 to $60,000. They typically are used in places that make less than 50,000 copies per month. They run at quicker speeds of 51-65 ppm.

Copiers mainly used in corporate copy centers that make less than 100,000 copiers per year can cost anywhere between $60,000 to $81,000. They run at speeds ranging from 66-80 ppm.

Lastly, the biggest and fastest copiers you can get are going to be more than $81,000. These copies are often used in production print and copy centers that make around 200,000 copies per month. They run at speeds above 81 ppm.
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Office Copier Cost Explained

Finding the right copier for your business can be difficult, but following this guide can make things a little easier. An office copier cost strictly depends on your business. Think about the needs of your company before making a decision.

Create an investment by buying a copier for your business! For more information on the cost of copiers, contact us.

Office Copier Pricing Comparison

BUSINESS COPIERWhen it comes to buying an office copier, the best place to get an idea of what is available is to do some research online. You will find that there are many options for purchasing this device, which means you can compare all the different options before making your final decision.

One of the first places you should check is the office copier pricing comparison website. This will allow you to compare the different copier costs available, and the prices can also be compared between several different types of copiers. The website will allow you to compare the different features available in each model.


You will also be able to see how well different office copier models perform. For example, some copiers have built-in software that automatically duplicates documents whenever they are printed. Some office copier models include memory card storage and the ability to send e-mails directly from the device.

A few features you should consider when you are comparing the various copier prices include the amount of extra space needed, the copier's ability to scan or print off multiple documents at once, the copier's ease of use, and whether the device is compatible with the particular machine you are purchasing. You should also consider what type of warranty you are getting with the purchase.


In addition to looking at the office copier pricing comparison website, you can also look online for the best deals. There are many companies on the internet that are willing to sell office copiers. The only problem is that you may not know exactly which one to buy, especially if the seller is trying to get you to buy their competitor's model.

To save yourself money and time, you may want to consider the copier used. If you have an older model copier that was purchased quite recently, you may be able to find it in good condition and sell it for a fraction of its retail value. If you decide to buy an older model, you should consider the copier's quality, the amount of use it gets, and whether it has been maintained in the past. If the copier was recently purchased and hasn't been used much, you may want to consider buying a used model.


If you plan on using your copier for some time, it is probably worthwhile to buy a high-quality copier. In many cases, there are copier manufacturers that create high-quality units but are very expensive. There are also many copier brands that are inexpensive but are not of good quality. The decision you make will depend upon your specific needs and your budget.

Finally, before you start shopping for copiers, you may want to think about how you plan on using your copier. Whether you plan to scan business cards, write down phone numbers or take photos with it, you will want to consider the options and choose the one that meets your needs. While office copier pricing comparison websites are a great place to start, you should also consider visiting your local office supply store or office supply center.
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