How Much Does Office Coffee Service Cost?

In general, office coffee service cost about $28/month per employee. How much does office coffee service cost? We explain the key determining factors such as sugars, creamers, and equipment in this guide.

Coffee ServiceIf you run a business, you understand how much of it depends on coffee. Your employees depend on it to start their days off with energy. If you're honest, you probably need a cup or two before your day can begin.

Coffee is essential to the modern office, so you may be considering stocking the office breakroom with coffee supplies. If so, it's only natural that you'd wonder how much an office coffee service costs.

If that's the case, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll go through several key considerations when deciding what coffee service is right for your office!

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Benefits of Office Coffee Service

Compare Prices for Business NeedsBefore we get into the specifics of costs and services, let's break down why you should consider getting an office coffee service. There are several benefits to providing coffees to your employees.

First, you can set yourself apart from competitors and rivals by providing top-quality coffee. If you and your competitor offer similar pay and benefits, prospective hires often decide based on your office environments.

One of the critical components of your office environment is your coffee. If your coffee is robust and flavorful, but your competitor's tastes like dirty water, it could cause your prospect to choose your company.

Another benefit of providing coffee is that it increases productivity. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, helping employees to focus on assignments. Beyond that, providing high-quality coffee eliminates the need for outside coffee.

People often stop for coffee on their way to work, and this sometimes makes them late. Alternatively, workers also take outside coffee breaks, which providing coffee can cut out.

Lastly, an office coffee service fosters a social environment at work. This helps create a comfortable environment where people can relax and chat, rather than being too tense.

Is Office Coffee Service Expensive

You've seen that there are several benefits to serving coffee at the office. Now, you're probably wondering about the primary concern: is an office coffee service expensive?

The answer to this is, unfortunately, difficult to pinpoint. Several factors go into a coffee service. How many employees are you providing for? Do all of your employees work in the office or are some remote? How many cups do your employees drink on average?

Another consideration is whether everybody in your office drinks coffee, and if not, do they drink alternatives like tea?

In addition to these concerns, the cost of supplies and the quality of your coffee also impact your budget. So from this point on, we'll break down the specific cost ranges of these factors and others.

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Types of Office Coffee Service

The most significant cost factor in acquiring an office coffee service is the type you get. The primary types of providers are those who require you to sign a contract and those who don't.

Each coffee service provides several products, only some of which you'll need. Generally, both types of services will provide you with a coffee machine for your office. Often, contract-based providers do so for free when you sign a contract with them.

Others provide your coffee machine as a rental, usually for a range of $30-$50/month. If you go for a high-end coffee machine, that price could rise to as high as $100/month.

Regardless of which type of service you opt for, most of the expense will go towards the coffee you purchase. Both types of service generally ship an order of coffee to your office each month.

Usually, you'll have an ongoing order of what coffee you want and the quantity in which you want it delivered. Each month, your provider will deliver that coffee to your office.

The typical coffee service costs around $5-$11 per employee monthly. Annually, you could be looking at $50-$125. Different types of services will hit the low-end and high-end portions of this range.

So, when deciding on a provider, see what pricing best suits both your budget requirements and your office's requirements.

Save MoneyOffice Coffee Service Supplies

The next factor in determining office coffee service cost is the supplies your office requires. This expense could come in a wide range depending on how many people are in your office and their particular coffee needs.

First, you can't drink coffee without cups (at least not easily). A case of K-cups usually costs $35-$75 per 42 cup case. In addition to cups, you often need things like lids, stirrers, creamers, napkins, sugars, milk, and filters.

Fortunately, you can often find cases that include most or all of these additional supplies. What's more, these don't cost a ton of cash. A case of about 50-250 cups generally costs anywhere from $5-$25 per employee. Once again, where you fall in this range depends on the quality you want.

Another expense to consider with supplies is alternatives to coffee. Not everybody in the office drinks coffee, whether that's for medical reasons or simply because of taste. You want those workers to get their caffeine fix, too!

For those workers who don't drink coffee, you can supply tea bags and hot chocolate packets. In most cases, these don't add a tremendous amount to existing costs. A box of tea averages $4-$10 per case of 25-100 bags. Hot chocolate, however, is a little more expensive.

Depending on the size of the case, you could end up spending anywhere from $10-$20 per case.

Luckily, you won't have to roll a dice to figure out how much you need to spend on these supplies. Most providers will offer you a quote if you tell them your office requirements, allowing you to decide if their package fits your budget.

Find a Coffee Service That Fits Your Budget

As you can see, there are many benefits to having an office coffee service. However, narrowing down costs and finding the right company can be an arduous process.

If you're not sure how to find the best service, let us help! We provide B2B services to help match you with a company that's sure to meet your needs. Discover more about how it works today!

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