How Much Does Office Water Delivery Service Cost?

Whether you are operating a business as a call center, a medical practice, a law firm, a dental office, or a retail brick and mortar store the need for water for employees and customers may arise. Having clean and refreshing drinking water available to employees can help boost general morale and negate the need for excess breaks to outside break areas or convenience stores to access water.
It is important to weigh out the options and the costs you may be looking at when investing in a water delivery service for your office or business space.


The general cost will, of course, depend on the volume of employees you have as well as the water type and supplier you choose. For an average of 15 employees it can cost around $120 a month for office water delivery.

Many different factors can change this number, however. For example: consider whether your business would require personal bottled water or 5-gallon bottles dispensed through a water cooler or possibly both. If you choose to invest in a 5-gallon water bottle option keep in mind you will also need to account for the water cooler that will dispense the water. This can almost always be purchased directly through the water delivery company as well.
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Depending on the company you choose to go with the cost for gallons vs individual bottles may differ. On average the cost for a 5-gallon bottle is usually $5-$8. The average cost for individual bottles is typically around $5-$7 for a 24 pack of 16-ounce bottles.

If you purchase 5-gallon bottles you would also need the one-time investment of a water dispenser which runs about $100-$220 on average. An additional cost to consider is the cost for small disposable cups such as dixie cups. These can typically be found for $41.99 for 1,200 cups at a 5-ounce capacity or $52.99 for 2,400 cups at 3 ounces each.

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Bottled Water Delivery fees:

Some office water delivery services will have a delivery fee. This fee can be as low as $10 and may even be included in your overall monthly costs for the service.

Popular water delivery services:

The great news is there are several options for office water delivery services so you can find what supplier best fits your needs. Some of the most common services providers used are:

  • FIJI Water
  • Sparkletts
  • Absopure
  • Costco
  • ReadyRefresh
  • Diamond Springs
  • Mountain Glacier
  • Culligan
  • Arrowhead Water
  • Highland Mountain
  • Nestle
  • Poland Spring

With several different service providers you may be asking yourself, “What’s the difference?” and the answer is quite simple. Depending on your location and the provider you get a quote from you will be offered a range of water options such as various water filtration systems, water bottled at the source, spring or purified water, weekly or monthly delivery options and much more.

Whether your company is expanding or a small and effective team you want your water delivery service to provide a reliable product that is cost-effective and refreshing for you and your team.

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Pros and Cons of Employees Drinking Bottled Water

Bottled water comes in all varieties. There are bottled drinks, bottled teas, bottled juices, bottled gels, and bottled mineral waters. There are even bottled coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and hot cocoa. These products come in almost every form that a person could possibly imagine. Each one has its own benefits and disadvantages.

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Bottled water comes in both natural and synthetic forms. Natural bottled water comes from the earth such as springs, rivers, and lakes. Natural bottled water may not be carbonated at all, or it may contain chlorine and other chemicals.

Synthetic bottled water comes from a variety of sources. Bottlers make their money by selling as many bottles of water as possible to consumers. Some of these sources include spring water, municipal tap water, well water, and water that has been treated and bottled. The bottles are sometimes labeled as “spring” or “well” water.

Most liquid carbonation comes from the use of carbon dioxide under pressure. The pressure in this case is the equivalent of three to four atmospheres of air. This pressure keeps the liquid at a consistent temperature. The bottles are then filled with a mixture of dissolved carbon dioxide and water that has been filtered. This process allows the product to have a high level of carbonation.

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There are a variety of reasons that some people prefer to drink water that has been processed with liquid carbonation. This method allows the product to have an incredibly cold and refreshing feeling that most people find very comforting. The liquid carbonation also makes the product appear to be more purified. Many people who consume this type of product find that it can have a higher concentration of minerals than tap water does. Many people believe that it is also easier to drink.

Some people choose to drink a natural product as opposed to a bottle. There are several companies that produce natural, filtered liquid water. Some of these companies have a better quality product that is easier to use.

Natural and synthetic products can also be purchased separately. These products are sold at a lower price because they have less to replace. Many of these products also have a lower concentration of contaminants because they are made in the same way as bottled water. The cost is also lower because of the fact that they do not need a carbonate or other processing.

Some people choose to drink bottled water because they feel uncomfortable drinking tap water. Some of these individuals prefer to drink their water with a little water softener on it. These softeners work by removing any debris that may be present.

A natural product also gives many of us the opportunity to take advantage of something that we would not be able to enjoy if our water were naturally occurring. If you think that the cost of buying bottled water is not worth it, then by all means purchase your water from a company that produces it. Just make sure that it is a good product.

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