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Cost of Roof Replacement in 2022

Did you know that stripping off your old roof can account for almost 25% of the final cost of a roof replacement? The simple solution is picking roofing materials, such as asphalt, where you can opt for an overlay. It can reduce removal and labor costs, which could save you thousands of dollars.


Home remodeling projects are rolling into 2022 at full speed, and the booming housing market can make it an excellent time for a roof replacement. As simple as replacing your roof sounds, there are many puzzle pieces that fit together and add up quickly. For a complete breakdown of the cost of a new roof in 2022, we have a roof replacement guide for you.

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How Much To Replace a Roof?

A few factors go into the final price tag of a new roof. Some key components are:

  • Types of shingles
  • Roof size
  • Pitch
  • Flashing
  • Installation/labor

Labor and material costs have drastically fluctuated from supply shortages during the past couple of years. Unfortunately, many of these problems continue persisting.

You might have challenges ordering the exact materials you want, or you will spend a long time waiting for them. Additionally, labor can increase depending on the complexity of the task and if the workers will also remove the old roof. Some companies can price you on labor costs per hour.


Cost To Replace Roof Shingles

One of the biggest determinants for a roof replacement cost is shingles. The most popular shingle materials are:

  • Asphalt
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Tile

Asphalt is one of the most common types of roof shingles. The benefit of asphalt is it lasts around 20 to 25 years without breaking the bank. Other materials, like concrete or slate, will last decades longer.

However, they will typically cost more for installation and might not have the aesthetic ‘look' you want. Asphalt can also lower your overall costs since they are typically easier for laborers to install.

Most companies will provide you with a warranty that covers the cost of simple repairs if anything goes awry. The average price for asphalt shingles is around $100 to $400.

As a general rule of thumb, you will pay more per square footage for heavier materials such as metal or concrete. It primarily depends on your house since some materials won't be sustainable on specific roofs.

The average cost to replace a roof with concrete or slate materials could be almost three times more than asphalt.

Labor Costs

After picking materials, a contractor will look at anything else that should be factored in. This assessment could include flashing installation, chimneys, piping, pitch, and the size of your home.

Next, you will get an estimate of the labor costs for the job. Labor costs will vary based on the location of where you live, the company, and the job's difficulty.

Approximately 50% or more of the cost of a roof replacement is labor costs. On average, new roofs can cost upwards of $20,000. The materials may only cost about half of that, but if there are shortages, you could look at even higher costs.


Additional Roof Replacement Costs

Have you thought about installing solar panels on your roof? If you choose a new roof this year, it could be the perfect time for installing solar panels.

While solar panels can increase the cost of roofs by thousands, they could save you money and energy costs over the long term. Additionally, you could cut your carbon emissions by approximately 80%. Solar only works with specific roofs, which may make it worth your while to coordinate both jobs.

The state you live in will also play a factor, with Arizona around one of the cheaper states around $13,700 and Hawaii as one of the most expensive states for solar panel installation at approximately $20,000. To get the most out of installing solar panels, you will want an estimate of your solar potential.

Roof positioning plays a primary role in your solar potential, and you will need about 100 square feet of sunlight, on average.

Roof Replacement vs Roof Repair

How can you tell if you need a roof replacement or repair? Sometimes, it is challenging to determine yourself, and you would benefit from a professional opinion.

If you have one or two broken shingles, a repair company can simply replace them with similar types. However, if you have significant damage, sloped patches, or multiple leaks, you will want a complete replacement.

Each type of roof has an ‘average lifespan.' As you get closer to the lifespan of your roof, even minor issues can be cause for concern. A professional can give you an opinion on if your roof has reached the end of its run or if it still has a few more years left.

Typically, roof repairs are cheaper than a complete replacement and can help with problems such as:

  • Tree damage
  • Small leaks
  • Ventilation issues

Keep in mind that new roofs drastically increase curb appeal and help raise your home's selling price if you are looking at putting it on the market this year.

Find, ‘Roof Replacement Near Me'

A roof replacement can quickly add up to around $20,000, but it can add curb appeal and boost the price of your house. If you are nearing the end of your roof's life expectancy, a new roof can also save you a world of headaches.

Roof leaks and cracks can cause issues inside your house that will cost more in the long run. To find the best roofing company and pricing, you need a website that delivers results for local contracting roofing companies.

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