7 Tips for Creating the Best Kitchen Remodel for Your Home

Did you know that you’ll recoup over 70% of anything you invest into a kitchen remodel? That’s a big bang for your buck when it comes to resale. If you’re looking for great kitchen remodeling ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

From planning your layout to choosing your appliances, we’ve rounded up all the kitchen design tips you need to know. Let’s start creating your dream kitchen.


Plan Your Space

When you’re doing a kitchen remodel, now is the time to re-think your space. Whether you choose to re-vamp your kitchen layout or stick with the one you like already, now is the time to make the changes.

If you’re already knocking down walls, replacing cabinets, or tearing the space down completely, this is your chance to fix a bad layout. If you’ve always hated how your refrigerator opens into a hallway, make the change. Planning is the best way to design the layout you’ve always wanted.

Choose a layout that works for prepping, washing, and cooking. It’s often less expensive to keep your water, gas, and electricity in the same position. If your budget allows, you’ll have more flexibility if you need to move a gas line to change a stove position, for example.

Planning may involve a kitchen designer, a local contractor, a kitchen company, or a do-it-yourself approach. Before you meet with a professional, it’s helpful to sketch out the layout you’re hoping for. Write out a list of must-haves to include in your design.

Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Even in you have a small kitchen space, you don’t have to skimp on storage. Storage is often even more important than space. New cabinets are a great opportunity to create more storage.

If you have a large open wall, consider floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinets with pull-out drawers or large shelves. This is a great space to use as a pantry or to store oversized countertop appliances. Hide your blender, toaster oven, and slow cooker that you may not use every day.

You can also re-vamp your kitchen island to include more storage. Add cabinets under the island with deep drawers or even open shelves for easy access to daily items. An island is a great place to not only add seating but also additional storage.

Use Your Remodel to Get the Prep Space of Your Dreams

When it comes to kitchen remodels, prep space is key. When you’re working on a remodel, now is the time to get the prep space of your dreams. Whether it’s a large center island or more counter space, incorporate it wherever you can.

You can also get creative with a second prep sink, a built-in garbage can, a cutting board, and more. These little built-ins give you a ton of handy prep gadgets. You can almost never have enough kitchen prep space.

If you have the space, use a kitchen island to give yourself plenty of room to spread out. An island in front of the sink or an oven is great for reaching and chopping. You want to give some thought to how you cook, cut, and wash in your prep space.


Choosing New Cabinets or Refacing Your Current Ones

During a kitchen remodel, you can still get the kitchen of your dreams regardless of budget. On a larger budget, you may be able to buy completely new and custom cabinets. On a smaller budget, re-using your existing cabinets will save a lot of money.

Choose a paint or new stain that suits your style and can handle the heavy use in a kitchen. With new cabinets, you can choose a design, style, color, and look, that’s completely your own. When you go custom, you’ll also be able to design the inside of your cabinets.

Add large shelves, pull-out drawers, and specialized compartments that fit your needs. With custom cabinets, the possibilities are almost endless. Take a look at your budget and the additional work needed in your kitchen to see if using your existing cabinets or buying new ones is best for you.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances

When you’re remodeling your home, now is the time to upgrade your kitchen appliances. You can finally replace the oven that’s always breaking or the fridge that’s too small. New appliances are also far more energy-efficient than older models.

In addition to energy savings, you’ll also see some upgraded smart technology. Fridges come with touch screens, for example, and cooktops that cook like a professional kitchen. New appliances even have voice-activated technology and smart features that synch with your phone or other devices.

Have Fun with Finishes and Fixtures

Your finishes and fixtures are a great place to add some style. You can refinish your existing handles and cabinet pulls or buy new ones to match your new kitchen design.

Don’t forget about lighting as well. Choose new pendants to place over an island or a new chandelier over an eating area. Add dimmers, new outlets, and additional lighting in new spaces.

Design Your Eating and Serving Space

In a new kitchen remodel, you’re able to finally get the eating and entertainment space you’ve been dreaming of. Add plenty of space to host family and friends. Get a large table for everyone to gather around.

If you have an empty corner, use it to create a built-in eating area. Add benches with storage to hold more kitchen essentials. An extra-large island is also great for serving and entertaining.

Get Started on Your Dream Kitchen Remodel

From the layout to the light fixtures, a kitchen remodel is a great time to revamp your space. You can finally make the kitchen layout, finishes, and cabinets work for how you and your family live.

If you’re ready to start planning your kitchen remodel, search home pros here to get more information. We’ll connect you with new products, service providers, contractors, and more at no cost to you.


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