7 Reasons You Need Video Surveillance Software For Your Business

video surveillance software

The video surveillance market was worth nearly $43 billion across the world in 2019. A large part of this market share is from the B2B segment. While video surveillance software can protect your business from crime, it also provides many other benefits.

How much is video surveillance software and why should you get it for your business? Keep reading this article for the top seven reasons your company needs to have video surveillance software.

1. Deters Crime

One of the biggest benefits of using software for video surveillance is that it deters crime. Often, you can simply lower the amount of crime at your business by installing a video camera.

Because criminals will see that you have cameras and other security features, they will be less likely to vandalize your business or shoplift from you.

This can also protect your customers from being the victims of crime on your property.

2. Lessens Blind Spots

Next, video surveillance software removes blind spots of your businesses. Even if you are attentive and observant, there are ways that criminals can slip through your notice. By having video cameras throughout your building and outside of your business, you can have eyes everywhere.

To provide the best protection for your business, you must cover every entrance and exit with a security camera. You can also cover the parking lot, back alleys, and other areas where criminals may want to access your business.

3. Can Reduce Insurance Costs

Insurance costs can be high for business owners. However, finding ways to make your business safer and to protect it from harm is an easy way to lower the cost of your insurance premium.

Often, insurance companies will evaluate your business risk before determining how much your insurance will cost. By having these safety devices or other safety measures in place, they can reduce your insurance costs.

This is because it shows that you are trying to protect your customers and employees while preventing losses for your business. It also shows that you will not be as likely to file insurance claims, which leads to better pricing.

4. Works as an Employee Monitoring System

While most businesses utilize video surveillance software to protect themselves from crimes and other losses, you can also use your video surveillance system to monitor your employees and to learn more about your workplace productivity.

When you have surveillance software, you can look into surveillance feeds whenever you have an internet connection. This way, you can view past footage or real-time footage to see what is going on at your business while you are away.

Knowing how your employees operate will help you identify ways that you can increase workplace productivity. By knowing what problems exist, you can find ways to train your employees and prevent them from happening in the future.

You can also see if your employees are wasting company resources, stealing, or doing anything else that may result in discipline or termination. By having a video surveillance system, you can constantly monitor what is happening at your business.

5. Validates Injury Claims

Another reason why you should get video surveillance software for your business is that it can validate injury claims. Often, customers and employees can slip and fall in your business which may result in an insurance claim.

However, some of these claims might be fraudulent. If you have a video monitoring system, you can check the video recording to see what happened during the incident.

This way, you can prove that you are not filing a false claim with your insurance and you can also prevent false claims from succeeding and costing your business.

6. Easier Installation

Something else that makes video surveillance software beneficial for any business owner is that it has easier installation than other analog surveillance systems. Because you are using digital software, you do not need as much equipment for installation.

Surveillance software also doesn't require the wires and bulky equipment that are necessary for analog systems.

Finally, you can get better cameras with more high-quality footage. This way, you will not need as many cameras to cover the same amount of space. Because it is so easy to install, you may be able to install it on your own to cut more costs.

If you don't want to install it on your own, you can compare prices for installation services near your business to find the best price.

7. Easier to Access Feed

Finally, surveillance software makes it much easier to access your video recordings when compared to analog systems. With analog video surveillance, you can only record as much video as you can store. However, digital surveillance options make it easy to save your footage to the cloud to access later.

It is also much more difficult to look through footage for an analog surveillance system. To find a specific incident on the footage, you need to scroll through the entire tape.

However, you can easily search through your footage when you have video surveillance software. Plus, you can easily filter through the footage with other factors. These include timestamps, locations, and more.

Lastly, you can access this footage from your camera feed from any location, as long as you have an internet connection.

Learn More About the Benefits of Video Surveillance Software Today

Why do I need video surveillance software? Video surveillance software for your business protects your company from crime, can reduce your insurance costs, and can even help you improve workplace productivity.

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