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24-Hour Dentist Answering Service Cost Guide

If you are looking for a 24-hour dentist answering service, we can help. We have been helping people connect with live answering service solutions for many years and we understand how important it is to provide quick and professional assistance. Check out our cost guide for finding the perfect answering service for your dental office.

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Success in the dental field isn’t guaranteed. New offices may face an uphill battle when it comes to carving out their role as a new player in these tough economic times, but with some clever marketing techniques and services from answering service providers like ours they can succeed. For this reason it's important to find the best price on answering service solutions.

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It is important to find an answering service that has the capabilities of meeting your medical industry needs. Many dental call centers are impersonal, detached from individual needs, and uninterested in satisfying clients' desires for care. Patients want someone available all day long; they're not limited by office hours just because it seems like a better idea when you think about how busy everyone else already is.

How much does a dental answering service cost? Generally speaking, a dental answering service will run you about $147 a month, or roughly $1.28 per minute of operator time.

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With the 24/7 answering service for dentists, each of your incoming calls is answered in a timely manner and with professional excellence. Receptionists are driven by end-of-month incentives—and constantly working to improve their quality service.

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Meticulous aptitude provides unique benefits like an on-call doctor who will see any patient immediately no matter what time it happens (saving both you AND them precious hours), unlimited conversations online during business hours so clients always have access when they need us most.

Benefits of Hiring a Dental Answering Service


When you activate the HIPAA-compliance feature on your account, messages will always be secure and compliant. A password-protected web app allows for the retrieval of all medical records with just one click.


Your patients can always reach you with a virtual receptionist service. With a dental office answering service, you're never closed when it comes to emergencies or questions about scheduling an appointment. Your clients will feel more welcome knowing that they don't have to worry if their call is going unexpected beyond normal business hours because they are covered no matter what happens- 24/7 365 days per year without exception

With a new Virtual Receptionist Service offered there'll be few worries during those busy times of day since the customer staff at any given time will include knowledgeable people who are able to answer basic queries regarding policies and procedures quickly.

Quality Service

Your customers will be so happy working with you that they won't even remember the name of their doctor. With excellent customer service, we’re confident people will recommend your call center team to other dental offices.


With a Client Web Access portal and mobile apps, you can keep tabs on your account at any time. This will help grow with the dental practice as it grows.

Grow Your Dental Practice With Affordable Answering Services

With virtual receptionist services, dental offices can save time and money. With a wide range of administrative tasks that are sure to answer any question your patients might have about their visit or appointment while also ensuring you're meeting all requirements for patient privacy by following customized scripts tailored around what matters most specifically.

A Dentist answering service will make sure to answer the phone lines of your dental practice with a friendly, professional tone. It can provide 24/7 service or just after hours and it's all up to you. This way patients never have left a voicemail when we're on your team as they always reach out directly in their search for help from one of their expert teams.

No Call Left Unanswered – Ever

Calls from patients can be put on hold or even missed altogether. This is more likely in start-up practices where a full-time receptionist just isn't cost-efficient and an unoccupied phone will lead to lost business for your company as well any dissatisfied customers.

Don't leave your patients on hold. Keep them company while they wait with a virtual receptionist, a service that costs less and is more reliable than human receptionists!

Scheduling Appointments

Patients enjoy the convenience of an online scheduling app and phone support. We also offer a free trial period so you can experience it for yourself.

After Hours Support For Dentists

Your office might be closed on the evenings and weekends, but that doesn't mean your clients should go without dental care. With an answering service plan they can get their teeth attended to round-the-clock.

Call Dispatch

Working with you to set up a call flow that makes sense for your office, the call center will always be able to reach the right person.

Happier Patients

To maximize patient satisfaction, a dental practice needs to offer the best experience available. With virtual answering services you can do just that. a 24/7 support will help your patients feel taken care of and confident in their visit as they know there's someone on-hand ready at any time for whatever may come up – even when it comes out of hours or weekends.

Bilingual Support

A bilingual receptionist can speak to you in Spanish and English. You'll find that patients are appreciative of the added service, as it helps them feel more welcome at your practice.

A dental answering service can run as low as $35 a month or as much is $267 a month depending on call volume. It is common practice for a dental answering service to offer one or two week free trial's which also helps them to get an idea of how much call volume you have and therefore making it easier to give you an accurate quote. Get connected with a dental answering service in your area.

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