How Much Does A Mobile Office Trailer Cost?

Mobile office trailers can cost anywhere between $9,500 and upwards of $44,000 depending on the space and complexities, you’re looking for your location to have.

Whether you work on a construction site, in education, retail, or manufacturing and distribution mobile office trailers are becoming increasingly more popular. There are several customizable options for your small, local, or on the go business!

Mobile Office Trailers Price Range

A mobile office trailer is most commonly used as a portable office space that is easily accessible for both employers and employees alike. They are most often used at construction sites, for educational classrooms, or for commercial needs. These are small spaces used for back-office tasks, paperwork, packaging, distribution, training, and holding meetings while on site.

Compare Prices for Business NeedsWhen looking for a mobile office trailer you have the option to rent or own. This flexibility allows for an average monthly rental payment of around $175-$915 a month or can be bought outright at the previously mention totals of $9,300-$49,000. Many different factors can affect the price of your office trailer such as size and accommodations necessary.
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If you decide to invest in a mobile office trailer, you have the potential to save money due to the ability to customize the space your company actually needs. You will also have the freedom to move. A mobile office trailer allows you to take your business with you whether it be to different project sites or to travel for different consumer needs.

You have the option to invest in a new or used space which increased flexibility for your companies budgeting needs. A used mobile office space can be found as affordable as $4,100-9,400 before utilities depending on the square footage requirements your company has.

Size VS cost for new mobile office trailers:

  • Single wide: The range for a single wide is typically a small space at 8’X20(160 sq ft), mid-range is 10’X40’(400 sq ft), and large spaces around 14’X45’(630 sq ft). The average cost of a single wide is $10,000-$30,000 and up depending on accommodations that are required for your business type.
  • Double-wide: A double-wide mobile office space has many size options just like the single wide. Common spaces usually range from 24’X44 (1056 sq ft) or a larger scale ranging from 28’X74’ (2072 sq ft). This price range is estimated to be around $23,700-$47,000 and up.

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The space you need will, of course, depend on the maximum capacity your mobile office will need to cater to. Deciding on the amount of space you need can be easily determined by the number of people, furniture, and equipment you will need room for. You should also consider if you want or need space to have a bathroom inside of your mobile office trailer. Options like this will affect the price and space.

  • Bathroom inside with standard plumbing: It is common for a mobile office trailer to include a hookup option for standard plumbing. Keep in mind this option may affect the overall cost of your trailer since it is an added accommodation and the cost of water and sewage should be factored into your monthly expenses. The average estimated cost for utilities in a mobile office trailer is around $100-$155 a month.
  • Bathroom outside: You always have the option to rent a portable restroom for your work site. This is a practical option for someone who plans to cut utility costs and would prefer to keep the mobile office trailer separate from the restroom area.

You can typically expect your mobile office area to include, or have the option to add on accommodations such as:

  • Security screens
  • Railing
  • Ramps
  • Skirting
  • Decks
  • Awnings
  • OSHA compliant steps.

While there are no vehicle registrations necessary for a mobile office trailer you will need to obtain a hauling permit if you plan to transport the unit yourself. Your mobile office space must also be attached to an office trailer plate. You can find information on this by contacting your local DMV. You can expect to pay a $30 fee to the Department of Community Development at the time of titling.

In addition to the freedom to move your business as needed, some of the benefits of investing a mobile office trailer include:

  • Using a mobile office trailer allows you the comfort of heating and cooling, inside restrooms, furniture, and a private space if you decide to use it on site. It also allows a safe space out of inclement weather for employees and merchandise.
  • Having a separate space for meetings, confidential paperwork, or equipment is crucial when a future client is seeing your working conditions.
  • In comparison to renting or owning an entire building for your office space, renting or buying a mobile office is a fraction of the cost monthly.
  • They make you accessible. Whether employees on a worksite need to access you, or your mobile office stores merchandise, the investment allows employees and consumers to reach you, as you have the ability to remain on site.

Mobile office trailers are highly customizable and convenient which allows you to explore accommodations for you and your company while pricing out a space that is right for you.
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Advantages of Buying / Renting a Mobile Office Trailer

What is a mobile commercial trailer? A commercial mobile trailer is a trailer designed to be moved from one location to another with relative ease and convenience.

Save MoneyWhat's a mobile commercial trailer used for? It is commonly used by construction companies, home builders, and other businesses that need extra space to store their equipment and supplies or to move their employees around. Mobile office trailers are pre-made mobile offices that sit atop a wheel-and-chassis cargo trailer unit and are usually shipped on a flatbed tractor and trailer. When not in use, they can easily be relocated and shipped to a new location. These units can be easily lifted into a pickup truck and then driven to their new destinations.


What types of trailers are available? There are a variety of construction trailer units available to suit any business' needs. Many construction trailer units are equipped with ramps, which allow workers to safely enter and exit their equipment. Other units are designed with roll-up doors, allowing workers to easily transport and load supplies. In addition to storage space, some models come equipped with air conditioning systems, televisions, computers, fax machines, radio sets, and other equipment for workers to work with.

How are construction office trailer units used? Mobile office trailers can help businesses relocate and set-up new locations, as well as move their existing operations to more convenient locations. Many people use them to transfer their entire operations to a new location, which allows them to work at a faster pace and with greater efficiency.


With just one person in charge, the vehicle can easily maneuver large and heavy equipment. These large portable office trailers also give businesses the ability to transport supplies to their new locations with less stress on the driver. Since a commercial trailer is less noisy than a large vehicle, employees working in these trailers are less likely to have to worry about fatigue.

When does a company decide to move its operations to a new location? Moving your operations can oftentimes be a complicated and tedious process, especially if you are already in the middle of building renovations. If you are having trouble finding a parking space for your employees, purchasing a trailer unit can allow you to relocate your entire operation and save time and money.

The office trailer unit can allow your employees to continue to work without the hassle of parking a large truck outside their offices, or the inconvenience of parking and driving back and forth to their new location. It is also easy to move the trailer to a new location, leaving all employees free to focus on the task at hand.

How long will a mobile office trailer last? These trailers typically last up to thirty years, although they may have their own warranty protection. If a trailer unit becomes unusable because of damage, it is important to contact a trailer dealer for advice on how to repair or replace the unit.

The best way to determine how long a trailer is expected to last is to ask the dealer what maintenance they recommend.

Mobile office trailer dealers can provide advice on which trailers best fit your needs and budget. It is important to make sure that you are aware of all maintenance requirements before you choose to purchase any trailer for your business.
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