How Much Does Maintenance Management Software Cost?

Are you interested in using maintenance management software but wondering how much it costs? In this guide, we'll give you the lowdown.

Using maintenance management software saves companies tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Maintenance Management Software CostIt does this by preventing equipment downtime, preventing productivity delays, and by providing accurate inventory data.

For all the pros of management software, some companies have still avoided implementing it. Though it may seem like a costly addition at first, the pros outweigh the cost of using maintenance management software.

What are the pros of maintenance management software? How much does maintenance management software cost? And who are the top suppliers?

The Pros of Maintenance Management Software

As we stated before, using a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) saves companies thousands of dollars. But how does it do this exactly?

Prevent Equipment Down Time

CMMSCMMS software works to automize equipment maintenance and avoid future problems and unplanned maintenance. Machines that get regular maintenance on a recommended schedule are more reliable.

If a machine breaks down, it could cost the production time and could even shut a manufacturing plant down for several days.

In addition to keeping machines running smoothly, CMMS tracks the machine’s usage and predicted lifespan. Based on the machine‘s maintenance and previous work record, CMMS software can determine if an older machine needs replacing or if it’s still working fine.

This saves companies from replacing machines solely on the age when it may be unnecessary.
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Increased Labor Productivity

With management software, employees spend less time tracking the maintenance of machines and scheduling repairs. Since everything is automated, employees get the opportunity to work on other, more productive projects.

Accurate Inventory Management

Management software automatically tracks inventory, which reduces the risk of human error. Get accurate depictions of how much product and supply you have, and never run low on anything again.

Using maintenance management software helps you keep production moving at a steady pace, not waste employee time with menial tasks, and have the most up-to-date records of your inventory.

CMMS Software Subscription Types

Cost Cutz Buyers GuideCMMS software typically comes in a subscription-based service. Most subscription plans are based on per user per month. Each plan works to best suit different businesses.

Besides a subscription price, there are also other costs (like implementation or customization fees) to plan for.

Per Month/Per User Subscription

Most maintenance staff work at different locations and need a mobile management solution. For that reason, cloud-based software works well for most businesses.

Many cloud applications base their price per user. Subscription prices based per user are good for smaller companies that may not have as many users as a more prominent company. That way, you pay for what you use.

Per Month Subscription

On the other hand, companies with many employees using the same software benefit more from a single price for the entire company rather than per user.

A per-month subscription is the most flexible solution for large companies. Many CMMS software companies offer discounts for adding more than one facility to the company’s account.

They may also offer discounts for companies that pay the entire year’s subscription cost upfront instead of month-to-month.
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One-Time Licensing Fee

The most expensive option is to purchase a one-time, customized maintenance management software solution. This way, though, you get exactly the services you need with unlimited access because your company owns the software.

The only downside to this kind of software is that you don’t receive the same regular updating that other, cloud-based services provide.

Additional CMMS Costs to Consider

Just like any other major software, it takes training and time to fully implement CMMS software into a company’s routine. Some vendors may require an additional use fee.


Depending on the kind of maintenance management software your company requires, you can expect certain set-up fees.

Maintenance Management Software Cost

A non-cloud-based software requires more technical help to get set up. But even with cloud-based programs, some vendors charge a consultation fee to get users set up.

CMMS that tracks machinery often requires IoT (internet of things) devices, which are an extra cost.


Simpler maintenance management software usually doesn’t require more than virtual training. However, some more complicated software may require in-person training. If that is the case, you may have to pay a higher premium or extra fees for in-person training.

Support and Software Updates

Depending on the subscription your purchase, support may or may not be included. You may either need to pay extra or purchase a more expensive package to get access to technical support.

Cloud-based software typically includes updates with their subscription packages. However, if you do purchase a customized CMMS licensing, periodic updates are an extra fee to the owner.

Depending on a company’s needs, CMMS software ranges Fromm from the most basic of packages to an expensive monthly premium.

Top CMMS Vendors

Maintenance management software ranges from free (a basic spreadsheet solution) to $50,000. The price mainly depends on the size of your company and what features the software offers.

eMaint CMMS

This is a popular, easy to customize, and affordable cloud-based platform. They have packages for small companies and large companies.

Prices start at $33 per user per month for the smallest package, which is for a maximum of three users. For larger companies with more than five users, the Enterprise plan is $120 per user per month.


Fiix is another customizable maintenance management software. It offers three tiers to choose from. The price begins at $60 per user per month for the basic package.

IBM Maximo

IMB uses IoT to keep track of the life cycle of machines and to track inventory. They offer cloud-based software and in-house software. They have three pricing options. However, you have to reach out to the lender for their current pricing.

IBM Maximo does offer a free trial for users. So, before committing to a new program, you can make sure it’s the one for you.

Many vendors do not list their pricing outright. But depending on the software you require, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to over $100 per user per month.

Find the Best, Cheapest, CMMS

If you’re searching for maintenance management software that’s within your budget, we can help. It’s our goal to pair buyers with sellers so that both sides are happy with the results.

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