How Much Does A Commercial Ice Maker Cost?

The average cost of a commercial ice maker should run anywhere from $1,500 on the low end to upwards of $6,650 on the high end. The range in price will typically depend on the size of the ice maker you need.

Whether you own a small or large business in an office setting or a hotel service the need for a commercial-grade ice maker may prove itself necessary. When it comes to choosing your commercial ice machine provider there are several options and price ranges to choose from.

Commercial Ice Makers


A commercial ice maker is an ice maker that is used for making high quantity amounts of ice and can be used often. These are most commonly found in hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, office buildings, and anywhere that requires a large amount of ice to be ready immediately.


The prices for each machine may vary as mentioned above. For example, a Manitowoc UYF0140A NEO 26″ Air-Cooled Ice Machine with 90 lb. bin costs around $1,880 while a Manitowoc Ice IYT0900a/D970 bin – 882 lb storage is an air-cooled machine that costs around $6,125.

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An important question to ask yourself when purchasing a commercial ice maker is “how much ice do I need in a day?”. This will greatly depend on the traffic of your location. Hotels will have guests coming by all day and night to refill a bucket. A restaurant will be using ice for every water, soda, and mixed drink they prepare. Whereas an office space may only need high quantities of ice ready for lunch rushes and breaks.


Air and/or water are the elements used to remove heat from the ice machine.

Water-cooled ice machines are typically used around 5 times as much water to cool down the machine causing them to be on the higher side of the pricing scale. These machines also operate more quietly and are great for hotels or quiet office spaces. Water controlled ice makers are best for uncontrolled climate areas.

Ice Makers

Air-cooled ice makers will cost less due to the fact that they are less expensive to operate frequently. However, air cooled makers are also louder so you should keep that in mind when considering the machine type that is best for you to invest in. Air cooled ice machines will also be more energy-efficient.

With several different companies and equipment options on the market, we want to help you find the right fit for your company today.

Having a quality commercial ice maker for sale is vital to ensuring smooth operations and efficient operations.


Most of these commercial ice makers are more than capable of keeping ice cold for long periods of time and will keep the ice fresh for longer periods of time. However, finding commercial ice makers for sale can be a real pain, as there are so many out there that each one seems to offer something different. But if you know how to look for them, you will be able to find the right commercial ice maker for your needs.

Ice cubesBefore you start shopping for commercial ice makers, make sure you have a plan in place for how you will use your machine. How often do you use it? What kind of ice do you typically buy? Are you going to be using your machine for business or personal uses?


Many commercial ice machines come with a specific use, such as for hotel operations. When you purchase one of these, however, you will want to look for an ice dispenser that is designed to handle larger amounts of ice. If you use your machine only once in a while, then you may not need a device that will handle hundreds of ice refills at once. So make sure you know what kind of ice you plan to use your machine for.

When you buy a commercial ice machine for sale, you will want to ask around at local restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores about the pros and cons of the various models available. Also, ask about warranties and whether they are transferable or not. You may want to buy the same model of commercial ice maker from one store, then take it back to the next when you find it isn't working as well as before.

Make sure you keep your ice fresh and keep it clean. and in good condition. Your ice will go bad if you don't maintain it properly.

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